YouTrack 4.0.1 On Netgear Readynas – step by step

For a while now i have been thinking about installing “YouTrack” on my Netgear Readynas Ultra 6. I searched the internet for guides and suggestions but didn’t really find anything besides from bits and pieces, here and there. So i decided to try installing it myself and share it with all who is trying do the same thing.

Installing JAVA

YouTrack is based on Java, and the first thing i noticed was that something was missing, Java was not pre installed. So the first thing i had to do, was to installing JAVA.

Step 1

First you have to install the addon “Enable Root SSH Access” to get access to your device. You can find it either on readynas homepage or on this link.
Complete the installation by rebooting your readynas.

Step 2

To access your device, by ssh. You need to get a ssh client for your computer, here is one for windows (putty).

Step 3

Open putty and SSH into your readynas, enter the IP address and when it prompts for username enter “root” and then your normal readynas/frontpage “password”.

Step 4

Once logged onto your readynas as “root” your ready to get the the software setup. Keep in mind that when you are running as root, you have elevated priviliges and you can do anything you want, including messing things up.

Step 5

First edit /etc/apt/sources.list and paste the following into it:

Step 6

Run the command:

Step 7

Run the command:

This will ask you to select a dialog frontend, select option 1 – Dialog, then it will ask you for the level, select option 3 – Medium.

Step 8

Now you are ready to begin the installation of java, so begin to run the following command:

It will download the package and start to install it, it will ask for you to accept the terms and conditions, select yes and complete the installation.

Modify the deb configuration and change it back, enter “dpkg-reconfigure debconf”

Configurate Apache

Because apache was already installed i decided to append YouTrack to apache instead of installing a new web server.
To do this you must edit httpd.conf

Paste the following into httpd.conf:

Restart apache by running the following command:

Install YouTrack 4.0.1

now all requirements should be meet, so it’s time to install YouTrack and configure it as a service for easier access to YouTrack on your readynas device

Step 1

Run the following command to create our home directory for the installation.

Step 2

Download YouTrack and upload the youtrack-4.0.1.jar file into the folder “/c/home/youtrack”

Step 3

Create the following files
* /c/home/youtrack/
* /etc/init.d/youtrack

Paste the following code into “/c/home/youtrack/”:

Note that this script has set YouTrack to start on port 8009

Paste the following code into “/etc/init.d/youtrack”:

run the following commands

Step 4

And finaly your done by running the following command “/etc/init.d/youtrack restart”, the startup process takes a couple of minutes so please be patient.



Browse to http://[Readynas ip]:[PORT]

One thing I noticed with my YouTrack installation, is that it didn’t always start properly on command start. So I had to open a browser to the YouTrack page. And at that moment the Java server started and i had to wait again for all the processes to start


Special thanks to:

Alexey Efimov by providing the YouTrack scripts to the following guide,

bishoptf by providing an excellent guide to installing JAVA on ReadyNAS Netgear,

Here is some links to where i found some of the information

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