So after 2 nights in Bangkok it’s time for me to move on to Sydney Australia where i will partake in a Bartending course “EBS”.

The flight to Sydney from Bangkok took about 9 hours and transit time about 4 hours, but all went well. I was a little bit nerves about the custom in Sydney for i heard so many stories about what can happen. Like you forgot to throw away any kind of food, fruit that you brought or that there is problems with the visa pappers.
But luckely there was no problem when arriving, it all went very smoth :)

After clearing the custom and finding my bag i made my first purshase. A sim card from Vodaphone for one of the phones i brought with me, it was about 15$. I thought that was really cheap so i walked to seven eleven to by a pack of ciggarets, 25$ that really shocked me how expanisive it was compared to Sweden.

After buying the expansive ciggarets i am now ready to go to the hostel by train. Upon arriving at the hostel i realize that i’m about 2 hours early to check-in. But luckly i could leave my bag there while i went out for a long walk.

My feet had started to hurt a little, and i noticed that i walked for about 3 hours straight. So i turned back to get my bag and check-in at Nomad Westend where i will be staying around 2 nights.

My stay there was really a pleasent one, i meet my 2 roommates that where longtime stayers “Working in Australia” and we had our own toailet that the room shared. And it was really easy to make new friends there, for all had their story to tell or give pointers about what todo.

So the first thing that happend on the hostel was that they had tickets to the partybus

After that i was told that there was a China Town quite nearby that i missed when i was out walking before

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