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A one day field trip with AAT Kings

Me at Three Sisters

After the EBS graduation, most of the students staid a couple of days. For both relaxing and exploration.

So me and a friend decided to do a one day field trip, but we didn’t know what we wanted too see. So we walked around the city to find a travel agency to help us decide, and if you visited Sydney before. You know that there is a travel agency around every corner.

After checking a few, we walked into the lobby of AAT Kings. There we got a good price for one whole day trip, that included a visit to The Three Sisters, Featherdale Wildlife Park and Parramatta River Cruise.

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My time at EBS (bartender school) Sydney

A couple of months ago i started my planning on what to do while i was out traveling, and for some reason i got stuck on the idé “Bartender”.
I started my google search and what i found was “EBS (European Bartender School)”. So I left my number at their site because i was interested to attend their school, they contacted me one day later. We talked a couple of times, and one thing i remember we talked about was the size of the class. They told me between 20 – 25 at most.

EBS had two chooices of accomandations “Hostel or School”. I chosed the school for i tought that most peopled would do that, and that would be the best way to get to know all the fellow students. But a week or two before the school started i got a mail saying that living in school wouldn’t be possible because of a “firesafety certification” or something similar. So all student had to live at the Hostel.
And i don’t know if it’s true or not but i heard that it’s had been like this for a while. “Rumor”

The hostel we lived at was “Home backpackers”
Our first impression wasn’t the best, most of the students even complained. But after living here now for a while i don’t really agree to all their complaints. But there is some stuff that could have been beter. Read More