Me at Three Sisters

After the EBS graduation, most of the students staid a couple of days. For both relaxing and exploration.

So me and a friend decided to do a one day field trip, but we didn’t know what we wanted too see. So we walked around the city to find a travel agency to help us decide, and if you visited Sydney before. You know that there is a travel agency around every corner.

After checking a few, we walked into the lobby of AAT Kings. There we got a good price for one whole day trip, that included a visit to The Three Sisters, Featherdale Wildlife Park and Parramatta River Cruise.

Blue Mountains

There are several ways too travel to the Blue Mountains “Car, Train, Tours”. The tour we did staid at the Blue Mountains for about 2-3 hours.

If i could do this again i would choose the train, and not doing the tour. For i felt this would be really nice place to spend a whole day. Doing the different walks, for apparently there where many different routes.

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Maybe i should have made some more research about the wildlife park, before deciding upon it. So i had quite high expectations about what i would be seeing.
Unfortunately i felt this was a very small park after entering, like it would take about 30 min too walk around. 1 hour if you stopped to take pictures.

Overall it was still nice to just walk around chatting, watching the animals and taking som pictures.

Parramatta River Cruise

After a long bus drive from the Wildlife park we arrive at a harbor where we will board the cruise back to Sydney Harbour Bridge


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