Leaving Australia

Almost time for departure

It’s now time for me too leave the lovely Australia behind me, and continue onwards to New Zealand. A new country, new culture, new people so many things to explore.

Waiting for the Airport Taxi

Theres nothing to do. It’s hot outside, so hot you don’t really want to go outside to explore the last of Sydney before leaving “trying to stay cool”. But i’m not worried that i will miss anything, for i know this is not the last time i’m in Sydney. I will be back.

At the Airport

No problem getting to the airport from the hostel or finding the check-in counter. But when they asked me if i had a return flight from New Zealand i got a little bit nervous.
What now, won’t they let me board the flight? Luckily it was more like a heads up, that the custom in New Zealand may ask / require one. What to do, and new to this process and a fairly novice traveler. I decided that i didn’t want to gamble and ruin my plans, so while waiting for the departure i bought a ticket through the mobile.

Arriving at New Zealand

Finally arrived in New Zealand, Auckland after a 3 hours direct flight. It was a quiet flight, i think i slept the whole time.
I knew when i went outside the terminal that the climate and temperature would differ from Australia. But thinking i am from Sweden, i can handle this with what i’m currently wearing. I WAS WRONG…

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