Author - Martin Lundberg

Bought tickets to ConFoo

I have now purchased tickets to ConFoo and travel tickets from Sweden to Canada. The ConFoo conference starts February 29 – March 2, 2012. This will be my first IT conference and i can’t wait to travel there and listen to the experts talk about their field of work and what they recommend and how they solve different problems.

Design Patterns – Part 1

Never been good with “Design Patterns” since it sounds like something made up by IKEA and hence it would be lacking robustness, wont stand by itself and lack several important parts. Anyway since I like to mix my food with showing of my coding brilliance I, during lunch, started up a conversation about a specific code design of mine. I pointed out my use of Factory Pattern and he didn’t really understand me. I tried again by drawing pictures on a napkin but that didn’t help. I started to realize that we didn’t have the same point of view on the concept and he pointed me in a direction of literature and then I got stuck by pure interest. In order to get out of this I will hereby start document my progress.

In part 1, the following patterns are included.

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